Letterpress Printing

RoseyMae Wedding Paper Design is happy to offer one and two color printing of letterpress wedding invitations.  Please read the following for further information on letterpress printing:

What is letterpress printing?

Letterpress printing is the process in which a design is imprinted onto paper using custom dies or plates.  Each die or plate represents one color of the design.  The process not only prints the color onto the page, but also an imprint, giving the piece a luxurious texture.  Each plate is custom ordered and ink colors are custom mixed. 

How much do letterpress invitations cost?

The pricing of letterpress wedding invitations is unique to the invitation design requested.  To obtain a quote for letterpress invitations, please contact us at hbollard@roseymaedesign.com.  The amount of text and whether you want a 1 color or 2 color design is a factor in the cost.

What is the turn-around time?

Because the process of letterpress printing requires the manufacture of custom materials, and because of the nature of the printing process, the turn-around time on letterpress wedding invitations can vary.  Please expect a minimum of 2-3 weeks once your final design is approved.