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What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

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What makes RoseyMae Wedding Paper Design different?

Your wedding invitation is important.  It sets the tone of your wedding day.  It often is the first introduction your guests will have to you and your fiancé as a couple.  It should reflect your style, your vision, your relationship.  There are a few different factors that truly set RoseyMae Wedding Paper Design apart from the rest:

  1. Design Work. At RoseyMae Design, all of our invitations are custom created for each individual bride.  We have many designs on our website.  Each of these was created for a unique bride.  Your wedding should not be a cookie-cutter version of someone else’s big day.  Can we recreate a design for you?  Of course, but we always work hard to make it unique to you.  Do you have ideas?  Do you want something unique? That is our specialty.  We are willing to listen to you and it is all included in our low prices.  No extra charge for a custom design.
  2. Paper Quality. Don’t be fooled by invitation companies that promise “the lowest prices”.  Very often the lowest prices also mean the lowest quality.  Not all papers are created the same.  Paper weight matters.  When your guests receive your invitation they will hold it in your hands.  It should have a luxurious feel.  It should have some weight and possibly texture.  It should not feel like the marketing postcard the new dentist in town sends out.  Most invitation companies promising low prices print on a 12 or 14 pt photo stock, a flimsy cardstock for photo invitations.  Ours is a luxurious matte 16 pt. stock. We also offer linen paper, pearl paper, kraft and a linen-pearl combo.  Other designers will charge extra for paper options beyond the standard.  At RoseyMae Design, 16 pt. photo paper, linen, and pearl finishes ARE standard.  No extra charge.
  3. Choice and Affordability. At RoseyMae Wedding Paper Design we have a limitless number of options available. And we work with every type of budget.  We offer simple and straightforward photo invitations, kraft paper, linen, layered, laser-cut, letterpress, and foil.  Have you seen something unique and don’t know where to find it?  Simply explain what you want.  We can design it and give you an affordable price quote.  We keep our pricing simple and easy to understand.  You can view our simple Package Pricing here.  If your package is more unique, or you want a higher-end option, select package D.  You will find that our pricing on laser-cut, letterpress, and foil printing is very reasonable and competitive.

Here is a sample comparison with another large and popular local vendor that promises “No one will save you more money!”  

Bride Kelly needs 500 invitations.  She wants an upgraded look and so she wants to print on shimmer paper.  She also needs two sets of insert cards in a quantity of 100 each. 

 RoseyMae Wedding Paper Design Local Invitation Provider: "BWA"
Package B, quantity 500:     $320 500 Single side invitations:   $220
Custom Design Work:          Included Custom Design Work:           $30
Shimmer Paper:                   Included Shimmer Paper, qty. 500:     $100
Insert 1, quantity 100:          Included Insert 1, quantity 100:          $35
Insert 1, shimmer paper:     Included Insert 1, shimmer paper:      $20
Insert 2, quantity 100:          Included Insert 2, quantity 100:          $35
Insert 2, shimmer paper:     Included Insert 1, shimmer paper:     $20
TOTAL:                                $320 TOTAL:                              $460


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