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Bring It All Together

by Hillari Bollard | | 0 comments

"What is your wedding theme?"  It's a question asked of most brides somewhere during the wedding planning process. What is a theme? Do I have to have a theme? What kind of theme do I want? Unless you're a bride who has planned her wedding day since age 12, a theme might be somewhat daunting, if even elusive.  Simply put, a wedding theme is something that brings everything together. A nautical theme might include smart invitations done in navy, white, and gold. It could also include seaside decor and shrimp appetizers. The details of a wedding with a Rustic Chic theme might include burlap, pearls, and ladyfinger sandwiches. Whatever your theme, make sure it reflects the true personality of your relationship with your fiance. Are you fun-loving & adventurous, romantic & silly, high-class & modern?  Don't be afraid to show some personality in your wedding, beginning with your wedding invite. It helps guests to feel like they know you and are a part of your new life together. It's the little details that bring everything together. A color scheme or a personalized logo on your wedding invitation is a good place to start. Carry that element throughout your day, from the ceremony to the party afterwards. It's the little things that bring it all together.

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